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How to take ScreenShot on Windows 10 PC Computer Laptop

Defragmenting potentially speeds up the time it takes to read data on the disk when accessing it because it moves the blocks. Try to use an unused defragmenter, like Autulogics disk defrag, instead of using the internal windows utility. That works much faster and more efficiently, reducing the time that your hard drive is working at maximum power. After a while, all of your shreds of data will spread out and mixed in with other data files. Now, the defragmentation application opens, Here you will see a new window “Optimize Drives” showing you the partitions of your hard drives that you can fragment. I will begin by clarifying What is defragmenting the hard drive?

  • In addition, new Browser Notification Block can help users turn off annoying pop-up notification while browsing online, it can give you a smoother online environment.
  • This is essentially the version of Windows 11 most people use, but with a few early features.
  • If you wish to change this, click Change and this page switch to Personal files only or Nothing.

If you’d like to use Snipping Tool, check out the video tutorial below. With your pointer, select the area you want in your screenshot. Then, the partial screenshot you take will be pasted to its built-in annotating tool, and you can use a pen and a highlighter to annotate it and save it in PNG format. What if you want to capture only a part of the screen of your PC?

Best Free Screen Recorder for Windows 10

If you are unable to operate the disk defragmenter on your Windows 10 computer, you can instead try an alternative third-party software. To get a comprehensive insight on its features and why it is the best disk defragmenter tool for Windows PC, read this post. Defragmenting your computer’s hard drive is a very important process that can improve the performance of your PC.

Color-coded bands will provide a visual representation of the types of files that can be moved, along with the space that will free up after the process. If you see that a significant amount will be saved, it’s worth it to go ahead and follow through with the disc defragmentation. The defragging process is part of a Windows-based maintenance tool, so it’s really hard to do it incorrectly. Your computer is already set up to defrag at the touch of a few buttons.

More in Windows

Once some screenshots have been taken, you can easily view them by going to the Slideshow tab. Auto Screen Capture is an open source utility on SourceForge that has quite a few options for capturing screenshots on your Windows machine. The program works with Windows Vista and higher, including Windows 10.

Will my Norton product work on Windows in S Mode computer?

The Windows 11 upgrade was adopted at “twice the rate we saw for Windows 10,” he noted. Windows 11’s quality scores and satisfaction measures were the “highest” of all shipped Windows products. Moreover, Windows 11 use increased Microsoft Store traffic at a “3X” rate, Panay indicated. Panay’s statement above contained a footnote indicating that his statement pertains to “devices that have a Microsoft Account and have eligible releases and compatibility.” Microsoft uses its “telemetry” findings to exclude this upgrade offer to Windows 10 machines that don’t meet Windows 11’s requirements. Microsoft may be alluding to the end of the free Windows 11 upgrade for Windows 10 users.

Any Teams meeting or call can be recorded to capture audio, video, and screen sharing activity. The recording happens in the cloud and is saved so you can share it securely across your organization. With the trial version, the screen recording video will be watermarked.

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