Fluke Copper Kits MT-8200-49A

Fluke NetworksTester
  • Cable tester verifies wiremaps and identifies faults with LEDs
  • MicroMapper™ MT-8200-49A, remote, and patch cable
  • Remote unit enables 1-person testing of installed cables
  • Two tones for tracing hidden cables
  • Test twister pair cables for open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs
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Fluke Networks MT-8200-49A MicroMapper™ Wiremap Tester

The MicroMapper™ MT-8200-49A is a hand-held cable tester that makes it easy to verify the integrity of Ethernet twisted pair cables. Test for opens, shorts, reversed, crossed, and split pairs and scan for any existing faults in your cable. Trace cables hidden in ceilings, walls, floors, and bundles.

Dimensions 4.93 x 2.05 x 1.18 ft (125 x 52 x 30 m)
Weight 0.28 lbs (130 g)
Minimum length for split pair detection is 2 ft (0.6m)
Testing twisted pair cables over 656 ft (200 m) in length
Battery (4) 1.5 Volt AAA Alkaline battery; low battery indication by LED

MicroMapper Includes: MicroMapper and MicroMapper Remote, test lead to get you started on your troubleshooting.


  • Analog Toning
  • Cable Wiremap
  • Identify open/short

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